Thursday, September 10, 2009

Water Based Locative Games

We recently prototyped a water based immersive locative games called "Marco-Polo" based on a childrens game of the same name. The game involves a sightless hunter chosen at random who must catch other players in an enclosed area of water. The hunter can at any time send out a verbal signal"marco" to which all other players must retort "Polo" thus releavling their position through soundwaves. Triangulating these sound waves against the depth of the water and their perceived position in the water, the hunter then closes in on the players. However, players can escape being cornered by exiting the wateraltogether, although, if the hunter then calls "fish out of water", the player not immersed must then become hunter.
Locative technology: Soundwaves
Interface: Liminal

Environment: Domestic swimming pool

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