Monday, September 10, 2012


On the 19th of June Analogue Art Map presented a social mapping work as part of the exhibition Pro -Tribute at Darwin's 24HR Art – Northern Territory Centre for Contemporary Art.

Curated by Hugh Davies, Pro -Tribute presents a series of artists from Australia and Asia whose practice requires active participation from the audience for the works to be fully realised. Pro – Tribute includes work from Pip Shea, Lynn Charlotte Lu, Analogue Art Map, Unreasonable Adults, Kerrie-Dee Johns and Jon Tjhia.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Water Based Locative Games

We recently prototyped a water based immersive locative games called "Marco-Polo" based on a childrens game of the same name. The game involves a sightless hunter chosen at random who must catch other players in an enclosed area of water. The hunter can at any time send out a verbal signal"marco" to which all other players must retort "Polo" thus releavling their position through soundwaves. Triangulating these sound waves against the depth of the water and their perceived position in the water, the hunter then closes in on the players. However, players can escape being cornered by exiting the wateraltogether, although, if the hunter then calls "fish out of water", the player not immersed must then become hunter.
Locative technology: Soundwaves
Interface: Liminal

Environment: Domestic swimming pool

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

24HR Art Residency

During a residency at 24HR Art in Darwin Australia,  Analogue Art Map trialled locative works using cup and string mobile phone as part of our ongoing innovations with networked media using cardboard and string.

Friday, December 29, 2006


Welcome to the research and development laboratory of Analogue Art Map where you can witness the developmental works and tangent experiments of the group. These are not meant to be seen as finished works but are instead embryonic ideas, recordings and experiments developed in a sandbox/playground environment.

Feel free to look around.

Analogue Augmented Reality

For some time now here at the Lab we have been experimenting with analogue mobile and locative and technologies with some interesting results. Recently we trialled an analogue augmented reality interface with student at various locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore.

Nondigital 3D animation

They said it couldnt be done.

We are happy to present some of our peliminary research in to non digital 3D animation. This 3D zoetrope was created using 12 tiny sculptures of running movement based on Eadweard Muybridge photographs. A stereo turntable provides the momentum.

Through research like this we hope to create an Analogue version of a 3D environment like Second Life that will appropriatly be called "First Life" or just "Life" for short.

Steam Stereo

Currently the experience and distribution of music relies heavily on technology. To counter this, we have constructed a turntable powered only by steam. This is not meant to be considered as a viable alternative yet, but perhaps this might be thought of as a step in the right direction. Obviously we are yet to resovle the amplification issue but otherwise the project was a huge success.